Submit Your Ideas

Please see the guidelines below if you are interested in submitting a proposal to WHA for an educational presentation. 

  • Submissions must be of interest specifically to hospital staff and aligned with the WHA mission. Submissions must be educational, not promotional, in nature.
  • Submissions will only be accepted via the online submission form. It is important that you provide all information requested. Missing information or using a format other than the required template will remove the proposal from consideration.
  • If you have more than one proposed presentation, you must submit a separate online submission form for each separate proposal and include all of the required information for EACH presentation you would like considered.
  • All submissions will be acknowledged with email notification upon receipt. Please do not contact WHA regarding the status of your submission as the volume of submissions makes it impossible to respond to each inquiry.
  • This request for presentations is not a guarantee that any submitted proposal will be selected, accepted and/or incorporated in to WHA's educational offerings.
Submit Your Presentation Proposal