Guest Column

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Guest Column: Using Data to Impact Change (M3)

Brian Meyer
It’s easy to point to piles of reports with visually appealing graphics and believe you’re on the forefront of analytics technology. But stop and ask yourself, “What does any of this data mean? What can I actually do with this data?”
As M3’s director of analytics & underwriting, I’m excited to introduce M3 Dataffect: a consultative approach to data that combines predictive analytics with deployable experts to drive your employee benefits strategy. The M3 Dataffect team breaks down your information in simplified terms and highlights the key aspects of the data that you can act on to affect your employees’ health and wellbeing, as well as your health care costs.
We believe the best way for us to illustrate the impact of Dataffect is to share our clients' stories. Take a look at how a health care system partnered with M3 to promote a culture of well-being throughout their organization.
Learn more about how data can affect your employee benefits strategy at
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