Landon Claeys


Landon was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to brain damage at birth. Landon has mixed quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which means that he has high tone and spasticity in his arms and legs and low tone in his trunk and neck. The spasticity in Landon’s arms and legs causes him pain and difficulty in controlling his movements.
Landon depends on Botox injections every three months to help loosen his muscles temporarily. The schedule for these injections is crucial for mobility and pain management.
A few days before one of Landon’s appointments, we got a call from the nurse letting us know there was an insurance issue for Landon’s Botox medication. It took several calls to the insurance company and hospital to determine that something had changed, and the insurance company was requiring the medication to be released from a specific pharmacy and sent to the hospital.
It was determined that with the time it would take to get the proper releases and shipping of the medications to the hospital, Landon’s injections would need to be delayed by about a month. This situation was so frustrating because we depend on the regularity of the injections for Landon.

We decided that we would be better off taking Landon off of our insurance policy and changing insurance plans in the new year so that he could get his injections on time. When we removed him from insurance, Landon was able to get the injections using the medication the hospital had in stock and was covered by his secondary insurance.
Unfortunately, this also created additional challenges to Landon’s comprehensive care and made us switch pharmacies for certain medications and prevented him from applying for necessary equipment and supports for his needs.