Why Locate to Wisconsin

Wisconsin is ahead of the curve in opportunities for businesses or individuals who are looking for a place to relocate. Wisconsin has great schools, high-quality, high-value health care and outstanding opportunities for business growth.

ECONOMY: Making great ideas into better realities is possible in a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem like Wisconsin’s. Built on a foundation of constant improvement and advancement, our state strengthens new business innovation through supporting startups from seed to growth stage.    Learn more.

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President and Chief Executive Officer
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HEALTH CARE: The federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) ranked Wisconsin first in the Midwest — and fourth in the nation — for highest overall health care quality among all 50 states. Wisconsin has consistently held a top spot over the past decade, demonstrating the state’s commitment to transparency and improvement. Learn more.

PHYSICIANS: Since 2013, WHA has worked closely with the Governor and Legislature to enact new funding for physician residency training programs to help meet the increased demand for primary care physician services. State law created WHA-crafted GME matching grants, and we have continued to advocate for additional dollars for the initiative to take advantage of the 86% “grow our own” strategy of training more physicians who will practice in Wisconsin. Learn more.

MEDICAL LIABILITY: Wisconsin is known for its balanced and fair approach to medical liability, providing both a guarantee that a plaintiff is paid the full amount a jury awards for economic damages, while placing a $750,000 cap on non-economic damages in medical liability cases. Learn more.

WORKER'S COMP: Wisconsin’s worker’s compensation program is a national model, with injured workers returning to their job a full three weeks faster than the national average. Medical providers play a key role in making these outcomes a reality, at costs well below the national average. A recently released study from the Benefit Services Group (BSG) and HC Trends recognizes the worker’s compensation system for its quality, efficiency, and production of excellent outcomes for workers and employers. The study uses data from the Worker’s Compensation Research Institute (WCRI), a national not-for-profit research organization that compares state worker’s compensation programs.   Learn more.

WORKFORCE: The Wisconsin Hospital Association continues to advocate on our members’ behalf in the critical area of health care workforce, and our 15th annual workforce report will help set the stage for our public policy agenda in the 2019-2020 legislative session. Recommendations in 2018’s report focus on strategies to grow our health care workforce faster, combat physician shortages, best utilize the available workforce to top of education, training and experience, and take advantage of technological advances to provide health care access to all corners of our state. Learn more.

SCHOOLS:  Wisconsin has great public, public charter and private schools.  Learn more.

COLLEGES: Learn more 
about the University of Wisconsin System.