Marshfield Clinic Health System, 2020 Community Benefit

Educational Initiative Helps Parents, Caregivers During Time of COVID

Physical activities were important to keep children active during COVID-19.
“Marshfield Children’s Cares for Kids” wanted to provide fun for Wisconsin kids while they were out of school and at home because of COVID-19.
So, time to help parents and caretakers who found themselves becoming teachers and entertainers.  
A project was created to compile top-quality, interactive, educational activities since it was time to engage children in fun learning activities and help families stay happy, healthy and busy. Collaborators included the Center for Community Health Advancement (CCHA) and Marshfield Clinic Health System, working with Marshfield Medical Center’s Children’s Hospital and Marshfield Children’s.
Each week’s offering, uploaded to CCHA’s website, focused on five subject areas and provided hands-on activities for each subject daily - art, science, physical education, social and emotional learning, math, reading and writing, music and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
Live presentations were given three times weekly via CCHA’s Facebook page. Laura Zelenak, CCHA health educator, scheduled videos and helped presenters with setup and preparation. “We've shared educational and entertaining information with thousands of community members, highlighting talented people we have in this health system," Zelenak said.
To make it truly interactive, families were encouraged to post picture/video comments or tag CCHA on social media to feature kids and their activities. Especially fun was to see science projects and drawings kids made, their dance moves and sports skills, learn about favorite books and more. Some photos and video comments submitted to CCHA’s social media pages were posted and families had a chance to see themselves featured.