Chargemaster Updates for 2023: Self-study modules

The Webex Modules Series will consist of 8-10 modules (depending upon the number and extent of changes effective 1/1/2023) by clinical department (or grouped such as Cardiology, Cardiac Cath and Interventional Radiology, as an example).
Each WHA paid registrant will receive:

  1. Memo of the 2023 CDM Updates effective January 1, 2023;
  2. Link to download the clinical/department presentations;
  3. Webex Modules to access and download the recordings that sync with the presentations;
  4. AAPC CEU (2 hours); and,
  5. Updated master presentation, if any significant changes or updates.


What's Your Antibiotic Stewardship New Year's Resolution?

A Simple Antibiotic Stewardship QI Project for Every Department in the Hospital

WHA Physician Quality Advisor Dr. Bobby Redwood will cover content, providing 9 simple
ABS quality improvement projects for multiple departments, including Medical/Surgical,
Emergency Department, Urgent Care, Primary Care, OB, General Surgery, Orthopedic,
Pediatric and ICU.


Social Care - Beyond Resources

Integration of Social Care to Promote Health, Ensure Equitable Outcomes and Reduce Readmissions: Webinar Series Part 2

Effectively addressing social care often requires more than a connection to a community resource.  This webinar discusses common elements of effective care management and the implementation steps necessary for integrating these elements into existing workflows.  Experts from the Center for Health and Social Care Integration (CHaSCI) at Rush University will facilitate this conversation.


WHA Telehealth Webinar Series Part 1

Current and Future Status of Wisconsin Telehealth Policy

During this session, we will cover the latest status on telehealth public policy in Wisconsin, the outlook for future telehealth public policy, and WHA’s telehealth advocacy.  Content will include:

  • Core provisions of Wisconsin’s Medicaid telehealth parity statute - Act 56.
  • Emergency actions taken by DHS during Wisconsin’s COVID response.
  • Status of Medicaid Forward Health telehealth changes.
  • Status of Medicaid telehealth emergency and permanent rules.
  • Telehealth provisions in professional licensure rules.
  • Outlook for commercial parity in Wisconsin and other states.
A recording of this webinar will also be available to WHA members on WHA’s On-Demand Learning Center. 



WHA Salary Survey Demonstration Webinar

In 2022, WHA in partnership with WSHHRA, began working on creating and financially supporting a new salary survey that will be launched in January 2023.  The results of this annual survey will be provided to all participating members of both organizations as a member benefit.  We expect great participation and an end product that is robust, easy to use, and impactful in assisting hospitals and health systems as they work through the many workforce issues facing the industry. 


Communicating About Health Equity

New Joint Commission and CMS health equity regulations require hospitals to talk to their leadership, their board, their staff, and their community about health equity and health disparities. Raising awareness about inequities is often the first step in an action plan. It can be challenging to effectively communicate and message the value of health equity and ongoing hospital efforts to diverse stakeholders. During this session, Shawn Rossi will clarify definitions and requirements and discuss communication strategies that elevate health equity issues and mobilize change.  


WHA Telehealth Webinar Series Part 2

Current and Future Status of Federal Telehealth Policy

During this session, we will cover the latest on Federal telehealth policy, and ongoing activity to make COVID-related Medicare telehealth flexibilities permanent.  Content will include:

  • What telehealth policy can be done accomplished though public health emergency, rulemaking, and legislation?
  • Medicare vs. Medicaid telehealth policy at the federal level.
  • Current status of telehealth flexibilities in the public health emergency and future outlook for the public health emergency.
  • Current CMS rulemaking – what it includes, what it doesn’t include, what it can’t include.
  • Outlook for federal legislation – What is included temporary legislation enacted by Congress, current efforts to make telehealth flexibilities permanent, and outlook for such legislation.
  • Advocacy on federal legislation and rulemaking.
A recording of this webinar will also be available to WHA members on WHA’s On-Demand Learning Center. 



WHA Telehealth Webinar Series Part 3

Labor and Employment Law and Telehealth

Attorneys Tom O’Day and Kelsey Toledo from Husch Blackwell LLP will discuss labor and employment law issues to navigate when utilizing out-of-state providers, including applicability of out-of-state employment laws, Wisconsin Act 10 licensing, interstate compact licensing, and Injured Patients and Families Compensation coverage.

A recording of this webinar will also be available to WHA members on WHA’s On-Demand Learning Center. 



WELL-B Essentials

Webinar Sessions

Superior Health Quality Alliance invites you to attend one of the WELL-B Essentials sessions. The series was developed and will be presented by health care expert Bryan Sexton, Director of the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality. This series consists of five one-hour interactive sessions and uses an evidence-based behavioral health training program.

Health care workers are experiencing record high emotional exhaustion and these sessions will provide evidence-based strategies to cultivate work-life balance, self-compassion, and gratitude. This series is complimentary and CME and CEU credits are available.

There are two cohort sessions:

Monday through Thursday Jan. 23 – 27 and Monday Jan. 30 Or Monday through Thursday Jan. 30 – Feb. 2 and Monday Feb. 6 (excluding Fridays), daily from 11 a.m. – Noon CT. Dates are randomly assigned.

To enroll, click here.


2023 WHA Health Care Leadership Academy

The health care sector has been operating through constant change for decades while navigating rapidly advancing technologies, evolving standards of care, changing patient and population demographics, cost pressures, evolving fee and reimbursement models, and complexities in the legal and regulatory environment. With the recent pandemic and significant future change on the horizon, this transformation and disruption creates a need to build resilient and capable healthcare leaders with the skills to successfully navigate the complexities and opportunities of the future of healthcare.
Hospital leaders have a particular need to understand the “business of healthcare” so that they can contribute in more meaningful ways to better patient care, cost management, and effective service delivery.
In response to this need, the Wisconsin Hospital Association, in partnership with the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Development (CPED), is proud to announce the 2nd annual WHA Health Care Leadership Academy.