Aurora Medical Center in Manitowoc County, Two RIvers, 2020 Community Benefit

A Helping Hand When There’s Too Much to Handle Alone

Amelia, a single mother raising three young boys, works full time for a temp agency. Although she works 40+ hours per week, the agency doesn’t offer insurance. She applied for Badger Care but was denied because her earnings disqualified her. She tried to purchase insurance through the Market Place to purchase her own insurance, but quickly discovered that she needed to wait for open enrollment.
After weeks of severe pain, she drove herself to the Emergency Department (ED) at the Aurora Medical Center in Manitowoc County. Upon examination a mass was revealed, which required further testing. And that’s when Amelia became even more concerned, because she did not have resources to pay for the tests.
One of our financial advocates met with Amelia and helped her complete a financial assessment. Following the assessment, the Advocate informed Amelia that she was approved for a 100% discount on her care through the Aurora Helping Hand Patient Financial Assistance Program.
Amelia felt immediate emotional relief. The approval for financial assistance lifted her financial worries, allowing her to focus on more important things, like her physical well-being.