Children's Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2020 Community Benefit

School Nurses Provide Care to Students in Milwaukee Public Schools

Children’s Wisconsin is dedicated to our vision of having Wisconsin’s kids be the healthiest in the nation – which includes the goal of keeping children in school healthy, safe and ready to learn. Children’s Wisconsin has placed a registered nurse in 10 Milwaukee Public School partner schools who provide medical care, screenings and referrals to more than 5,000 students each year.
Children’s school nurses assist with medication management and help children and their families manage their chronic health conditions, like asthma or diabetes. The school nurses are collaborative partners in the school, focusing on the whole child and promoting a holistic approach to helping students achieve physical, mental and social-emotional well-being. They also help deliver preventive care and vision screenings, help establish medical and dental homes, assist with behavioral screenings and assessments, aid in school safety and emergency preparedness, and provide daily care coordination for students with complex health conditions, like G-tube feedings and more.
Studies show that when kids are healthy, they spend more time in the classroom and learn more. According to the National Association of School Nurses, schools with a full-time registered nurse have nearly 50% fewer early dismissals for student illness or injury than schools without a nurse. This program has a profoundly positive impact on learning by bridging health care and education and advocating for students and their families. Children’s Wisconsin’s Community Health School Nurses are helping kids stay well so they may be successful in their education and live long, healthy, productive lives.