Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital, Tomahawk, 2021 Community Benefit

EBT Funding Increases Access at Tomahawk Farmer's Market

Over the past two decades, local farmers markets have been established in larger and smaller communities across the United States and in Wisconsin. 
As small farms bring their livestock and crops to market, the higher cost of food which often occurs is seen as a barrier for struggling families, since the scale of the small farm often cannot compete with crops and livestock raised in an industrial farm setting. 
As an acknowledgment of the need to make locally sourced and sustainable foods more affordable, Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital donated funds to the Tomahawk Farmer’s Market. 
The funds help support the expense of the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) machine fees. 
“Having the EBT machine available at the Farmer's Market makes accessing fresh food easier for individuals with FoodShare,” said Jane Bentz, community benefit and community health improvement lead. “In addition, the hospital's donation for the coupons effectively doubles the purchasing power of consumers with low income.” 
On August 1, hospitals and clinics of Ascension Wisconsin in central and northern Wisconsin, including Ascension Sacred Heart became part of Aspirus.