Mile Bluff Medical Center, Mauston, 2021 Community Benefit

Global Pandemic Didn’t Stop Mile Bluff from Meeting Community Needs

When the pandemic hit, many things were put on pause; however, the need for health care was not. Mile Bluff Medical Center remained working for the community despite the unprecedented pandemic. These challenging times brought uncertainty and strife into many people’s lives, and many lost their source of income.
By offering payment reductions and debt forgiveness, Mile Bluff’s financial assistance program helped patients receive the care they needed, without furthering their financial burdens.
During the 2020 fiscal year, 459 individuals received financial assistance through the medical center’s charity care program, forgiving over 317,000 in debt. In return, Mile Bluff’s patient account specialists received many messages of gratitude from thankful patients for the assistance they were able to get during this hardship. 
As a non-profit organization, Mile Bluff Medical Center is committed to improving the health and wellness of the community, which sometimes includes helping to relieve the stresses of financial burden. Patients are able to focus less on their ability to pay in full, and more on the importance of their health and wellbeing.