Aurora Medical Center - Manitowoc County, 2021 Community Benefit

Assistance When Care Can’t be Delayed

M.J. has been driving trucks for his entire career. Now in his mid-50s, he is still on the road full-time.
One evening while driving, M.J. noticed something wasn’t quite right. He was starting to see halos around lights and his vision was getting cloudy. He noticed a while back that it was getting harder to see in the evenings, but he didn’t want to visit the doctor because he recently lost his insurance. 
M.J. realized he couldn’t delay getting medical care any longer. If he couldn’t see, there was no way he could keep working.
M.J. was evaluated by a provider at Aurora Medical Center - Manitowoc County. The provider determined that he needed to have bilateral cataract surgery as soon as possible or he would lose his vision. 
Aware that M.J. was uninsured, the physician connected him to the hospital’s financial advocate. The advocate completed a financial assessment and was able to help M.J. gain approval for a 100% discount through the Advocate Aurora Health Patient Financial Assistance Program.
M.J. received his surgery at no cost to him. After healing, he was able to return to work.