Aurora Medical Center - Oshkosh, 2021 Community Benefit

Help Before Insurance Starts

A recent high school graduate started his first job when he began experiencing severe stomach pains and headaches. He went to the Aurora Medical Center - Oshkosh Emergency Department for care.
The hospital’s financial advocate visited the patient during his hospital stay. She noticed the patient did not have any insurance coverage listed in his medical records. 
“My parents couldn’t afford to keep me on their insurance any longer,” he said. “I just started a new job and I’ll be able to get insurance through my work soon.”
Seeing this type of situation before, the financial advocate asked the patient if he was willing to complete a financial assessment. The patient agreed and they walked through the survey together.
The financial advocate was able to help the patient get approved for a 100% discount through the Advocate Aurora Health Patient Financial Assistance Program.
With tears in his eyes, the patient said, “Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would have done without your help.”