Reedsburg Area Medical Center, Reedsburg, 2021 Community Benefit

RAMC’s Spiritual Care Coordinator Provides Helpful Resources during COVID-19

Tammy Koenecke, Spiritual Care Coordinator at RAMC
When the world first went into lockdown due to COVID-19, Reedsburg Area Medical Center’s (RAMC) Tammy Koenecke knew instinctively that people would need help in dealing with the stress and anxiety they were feeling. Tammy, as the former spiritual care coordinator at RAMC, took it upon herself to script and record several videos that were shared with not only RAMC team members, but also with the public at large via the hospital’s website and social media platforms. 
In her usual gentle and caring manner, Tammy covered difficult topics such as anxiety, stress, and isolation. She offered meaningful ways to combat worry, fear, and depression with the use of breathing techniques, prayer, stillness, and being present in the moment. These videos were watched by thousands and shared around the world for several weeks during the early days of the pandemic. Tammy also offered 1:1 phone sessions for anyone who needed more personalized care. When members of the community were fearful and hurting, Tammy was insightful enough to realize what people needed, and caring enough to reach out to them.