Advocate Aurora Health, Milwaukee, 2021 Community Benefit

Access Through Advocate Aurora Health’s COVID Response

Advocate Aurora Health swiftly implemented a robust response to save lives and support communities in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Strategies included:
Advocate Aurora Safe Care Promise 
Through the Safe Care Promise, providers accommodated over 440,000 virtual and telephone visits to provide clinical care for Wisconsin patients while minimizing COVID-19 transmission risk.
Advocate Aurora Health's greatest priority is delivering the COVID-19 vaccine safely and equitably. As of July 2021, they completed 177,599 partial and 178,062 full vaccinations of patients, team members, and community members across Wisconsin. They partnered with community organizations, providing staffing and operational support for vaccine clinics targeting Black and Hispanic community members. Over 6,000 people received vaccinations through the Midtown Health Center, Sixteenth Street Community Health Center, and Milwaukee Health Services collaborations.
In partnership with state and local agencies, Advocate Aurora Health supported 13 community-based, drive-thru testing sites, performing 61,356 COVID tests valued at $6.85 million. 
Advocate Aurora Health donated over one million masks and other personal protective equipment to food programs, shelters, emergency responders, FQHCs, free clinics, and faith-based organizations. Team members worked with partner organizations to create safe reopening plans and operate community-based vaccination clinics and testing sites. 
Reliable COVID-19 information
The Advocate Aurora COVID-19 Resource Center Page provides access to reliable information to help people make informed health decisions. In 2020, the website received 1.47M pageviews including 86,468 clicks on the online symptom checker and 7,419 clicks to the Symptom Checker Hotline (1-866-443-2584).