Aurora Medical Center - Grafton, 2021 Community Benefit

We’re Grateful for Our Patients

Aurora Medical Center-Grafton frequently receives notes from patients thanking them for the care they received, a nurse who went above and beyond, or the financial assistance they are approved for. Patients share how their experiences with their team members moved them in special ways, leaving them with a happy heart and a new outlook on life.
Our patients change us too.
One patient and his wife arrived at the Emergency Department seeking care. They recently returned from a decade-long mission trip when the man fell ill. Unfortunately, after being out of the country for so long, they had no medical insurance or savings.
“When I met this patient, I was in awe as he and his wife told me their story,” said the financial advocate. “They dedicated so many years to help rural villages in other countries renew life by building sustainable agriculture, making lives better for everyone living there.”
“The patient needed surgery and ongoing care. After completing a financial assessment, I was able to approve him for a 100% discount through the Advocate Aurora Health Patient Financial Assistance Program," the advocate said. “I was so thankful I was able help this couple in their time of need after they have spent their lives helping so many others.”
When asked how she felt after working with the couple, the financial advocate replied, “It was a humbling experience to say the least.”