Cumberland Healthcare, Cumberland, 2021 Community Benefit

Transcending COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Dr. Alan Carlson, Family Medicine Physician receives first Covid-19 vaccine at Cumberland Healthcare December 2020
Though a pandemic wasn’t on anyone’s bucket list, we have all found ourselves right in the middle of one. The Cumberland Healthcare team rose to every changing recommendation, guideline or law as it presented. The COVID-19 vaccination is no different. Cumberland Healthcare quickly and efficiently coordinated a team committed to vaccinating its community members. They had the vaccine on hand in the first round (mid-December) and focused their efforts on its health care team members and medical first responders. Efforts extended to health care providers from organizations and community members as far as Eau Claire. This continued through all stages of vaccine release, often vaccinating 275+ people a day, four days a week for months. Cumberland Healthcare’s team remained committed to last-minute scheduling changes and fielded thousands of calls, all during vaccine shortages.
At this time, Cumberland Healthcare has vaccinated over 4,500 individuals 12 years and up and administered near 10,000 doses. Its vaccination efforts remain active today, including third-dose vaccines for the immunocompromised community members. Throughout all disciplines, team members ask and assist all patients in obtaining vaccination when they choose. In addition, Cumberland Healthcare regularly released educational and informational topics regarding vaccination and COVID-19 through social media and newsprint. As a result, their patients enjoy the benefit of having their questions answered promptly and professionally regarding all things COVID with a simple call.  
Vaccination is the pivotal point to ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Cumberland Healthcare’s efforts are fully supported by its health care providers, administration, all team members, public health, and most importantly, their community.