Western Wisconsin Health, Baldwin, 2021 Community Benefit

Leading Vaccination Efforts

Mascot Health Hank taking his COVID-19 vaccine like a champ!
Western Wisconsin Health recognized the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine right away. They worked closely with the surrounding counties to offer weekly vaccine clinics, provide education, and answer any questions and concerns from both staff and the community. The Western Wisconsin Health team allowed any Wisconsin community member who was eligible to get the vaccine in their vaccine clinics from the beginning—rather than limiting it to only their patients on record. They were also very proactive about contacting businesses as their employees became eligible and getting them scheduled for vaccine clinics. 
The community health team also wanted to make sure they reached all eligible populations and connected with local farms to coordinate vaccine clinic appointments for their Spanish speaking employees along with a Spanish interpreter. Western Wisconsin Health also provided vaccinations at some local businesses as well as soon as we had an off-site license. The team had an interpreter available and even brought one onsite for one business who had Spanish-speaking employees to make sure these employees had the opportunity to receive the vaccine and of course provide informed consent. 
Western Wisconsin Health made all these efforts without charging a dime. It was a considerable undertaking to coordinate but was all worth it to make this valuable resource available to our community and our region.