Marshfield Medical Center, Marshfield, 2022 Community Benefits

COVID-19 Hotline Ensures Access to Reliable Information and Health Services

Ensuring access to reliable information and health services is vital for any health care organization during a public health emergency. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted swift actions by Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) to set up a COVID-19 hotline for the community to have access to the most timely and accurate information about the pandemic as it unfolded. Initially, patients utilized the hotline to ask questions at a time of high uncertainty and to obtain information to feel safe and learn how to best protect themselves and their families.  

As the pandemic progressed, this hotline became the hub for patients to request COVID-19 testing and was partnered with MCHS’s nurse line to seamlessly serve the needs of all patients. As availability of the COVID-19 vaccine grew closer, it became clear that a separate approach was needed for vaccine scheduling.  A survey was created for both health system workers and the community to request vaccines. The clinical quality coordinators that manned the COVID-19 hotline were integral in helping health system employees and patients navigate through the survey and scheduling process. They collaborated with several departments across the system to ensure timely access to the vaccines, while also maintaining the hotline’s testing requests. 

While many individuals and departments worked in partnership with one another to optimize resources for MCHS to meet the needs of our community, the clinical quality coordinators of MCHS were critical to its success as the first line contact with our community.