Bellin Psychiatric Center, Green Bay, 2022 Community Benefits

“Mental Health Moments” Series Supports Bellin Employees, Community

Pandemic-related lockdowns may be a thing of the past, but the spotlight shone on mental health during those early months remains an important health system and community focus for Bellin Health and Bellin Psychiatric Center (BPC).

Bellin launched “Mental Health Moments” in May 2020 to help people identify and cope with mental health issues. The online webinar series showcases educational and inspirational mental health-focused conversations between BPC Behavioral Health Therapist Charles LaTorre, Bellin Health & Wellbeing Strategist Linda Golik and special guests. The initial goal was to provide mental wellbeing assistance during the pandemic, but the program’s purpose has evolved to focus on spreading the word about the importance of mental health awareness and reducing the stigma often associated with the topic.

“These conversations are critical to let people know they’re not alone in facing mental health challenges or struggling to talk to loved ones who may need help,” Golik said. “Our topics have included everything from grief to building healthy relationships and talking to teens about social media. Our goal is to offer frank conversation, expert takes and real-life advice for those looking to improve their relationship with their own mental health—or to support those they love in their mental health journey.”

Mental Health Moments began as an outreach effort for Bellin’s employer and community partners, but through some additional publicity and great word of mouth, the series’ popularity has spread to many in the community and even elsewhere in the world. Mental Health Moments is now a podcast, as well, offering easily accessible mental health content for individuals on the go.

“We know these are important conversations to have, and we want to be as accessible as possible for those who may be struggling—or even those who just want to talk more about this often-overlooked but critical aspect of our health,” LaTorre said. “We look forward to continuing this series for the benefit of patients and community alike.”