2023 Quality Report

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Geriatric Fast Facts

Geriatric Fast Facts (www.geriatricfastfacts.com) are concise, practical, evidence-based summaries of key geriatric topics which are designed to be a resource for all faculty and trainees in the health professions. These clinically actionable reports are easily accessible on all mobile devices and are searchable by free text, organ systems, ACGME competencies, and underlying science associated with specific geriatric conditions. In 2022, the 4Ms terms (i.e., what matters, medication, mentation, mobility) were used to categorize the 100 Geriatric Fast Facts that are currently available. Most (62%) of the 100 Geriatric Fast Facts that are currently available were found to be strongly linked to at least a one of the 4Ms, suggesting how central these concepts are to clinical work and geriatric education. Updates to the website will continue in 2023 including the 4Ms as searchable terms and a connection to the Palliative Care Fast Facts site.