2023 Quality Report

Hospital Quality Improvement Projects - Marshfield Medical Center – Weston

Reducing Surgical Site Infections in Colorectal Surgeries

In 2021, Marshfield Medical Center-Weston infection prevention identified a sharp increase in surgical site infections (SSI) involving colorectal surgeries. In collaboration with the surgical services team and direct observations by infection prevention during surgeries, a thorough investigation into the surgical site infection (SSI) cases was conducted. The Marshfield Clinic System initiative named the Colon Premier Care Project had been initiated in 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic prevented full implementation. A small workgroup met to compare the project practice bundle to current practice. There were several areas that had opportunities for improvement. After implementation of the colon SSI prevention bundle, these measures were tracked during active surveillance by infection prevention. This resulted in a significant reduction in SSI among colorectal surgeries. Zero complex infections have been observed since 2021.