Health Care Value

Higher quality health care gets people back to their normal activities faster, and they stay healthier. High-quality care delivers higher value for your health care dollar. Hospitals and health systems in Wisconsin provide accessible, affordable health care in their communities.

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Wisconsin is Ranked:

  • Second Best in the Nation for Rural Hospitals | Wisconsin's rural hospitals rank the second best in the country by the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Program and has been in the top 10 states in the country ever since 2015.

Price Transparency

Wisconsin hospitals have led the nation in their willingness to share information on the cost, quality and safety of the care they provide in their communities – making Wisconsin a national model for health care transparency.

Since 2005, Wisconsin hospitals have voluntarily provided information to consumers through the Wisconsin Hospital Association Information Center's PricePoint tool on a per-facility, per-procedure basis for the most common services.

Source: Turquoise Health

Fact Sheet on Hospital Price Transparency

In 2023, PricePoint unveiled a large expansion of this data set and a modern plain-language search function, assisting consumers in finding procedure codes and providing information on all services delivered in Wisconsin hospitals. This change is only the latest upgrade that 100% of Wisconsin hospitals have voluntarily provided to expand the utility of health care consumer data for patients.

In the News

By President of the Wisconsin Technology Council Tom Still

Assessing Health Care Value

In 2017, the Wisconsin Technology Council released a report, “Taking the Pulse: How Quality Healthcare Builds a Better Bottom Line”, which examined Wisconsin’s long-term record of providing some of the nation’s highest-quality health care.  The report recommended touting that performance as a business attraction feature, especially in light of data that shows health insurance costs for Wisconsin employers at or slightly above the U.S. median.


In February 2023, the WTC released an update, “Taking the Pulse: How Quality Health Care Builds a Better Economy.” The report again concluding that Wisconsin’s top-quartile rankings for health-care quality and cost figures roughly in line with regional and national figures mean that Wisconsin workers and companies hold a competitive edge.

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