Journey to a Healthier Wisconsin – Setting the Stage for SDOH Z Code Data Capture

Webinar Series

SDOH can have a profound impact on health outcomes; and yet, developing and sustaining processes to build a culture of health remains a challenge. Currently, no standardized SDOH collection exists, resulting in incomplete data and gaps in important information, placing health care systems at a disadvantage when seeking to effectively identify, prioritize and intervene on SDOH. 

In collaboration with the WHA Information Center (WHAIC), the WHA quality team is offering the first of a four-part SDOH webinar series, featuring Gloria Kupferman, Chief Data Strategy Officer at the American Hospital Association. This webinar will provide the background and purpose of this significant collaboration, stress the importance of Z Code Data Collection from the national perspective, emphasize the importance of capturing SDOH data in the medical record, and provide an overview of Z code collection in Wisconsin to offer hospitals and health systems valuable information to help improve health outcomes in their communities.     


Patient Financial Engagement Solutions that Drive the Revenue Cycle

Positive patient financial engagement drives a healthy revenue cycle as well as patient financial satisfaction. Join WHA Corporate Member, Meduit, as they explore this important topic.