Mile Bluff Medical Center, 2020 Community Benefit

Hospital's COVID-19 Efforts Keep Juneau County’s Health Care Strong

Mile Bluff's team members took on new roles during the COVID-19 pandemic. New services, including drive-up labs were offered.
When COVID-19 came on the scene, it turned health care upside-down. Medical experts were dealing with the unknowns of a new virus. Health care workers had to learn to adjust to information that changed from one moment to the next. The unexpected became the expected. It forced organizations like Mile Bluff Medical Center to shift the focus from long-term goals to crisis response.

Mile Bluff’s team rallied together to navigate the virus and the transformation brought with it. Safety protocols were enhanced, processes were added, new job functions were created, a respiratory care clinic was opened, and new services were offered – all to keep patients safe.

Staff members took time off or worked in areas they weren’t accustomed to. And although fear and anxiety among health care workers increased, it never got in the way of safely providing for the needs of the community. In fact, despite caring for sick individuals, Mile Bluff can proudly report that not one positive case of COVID-19 was connected to a spread of the virus within the organization.

Mile Bluff is committed to providing compassionate and progressive care, improving the health and wellness of the community, and going beyond expectations in health care today and always. This mission is true whether life is ‘normal’ or there is a pandemic spreading across the state. Thankfully for the residents of the Juneau County area, the actions taken by Mile Bluff’s team during its response to COVID-19, preserved the organization’s long-term ability to care for the medical needs of the region.