Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh, 2020 Community Benefit

Support for Cancer Patients in Winnebago County

At Aurora Health Care, we offer the latest, most effective treatment options. But caring for the whole person involves much more than the therapies that target their cancer directly.
Given the complexity of cancer care, people undergoing cancer treatments require additional support, including help with logistics and care for their minds, bodies, and spirits. Cancer patients and their loved ones should never feel alone or unsupported.
A Cancer Nurse Navigator (CNN) is a certified nurse whose clinical expertise, extensive experience and specialized training allows them to effectively enable patients and their loved ones to make informed decisions and guide them through the through the cancer care process. Starting from diagnosis, a CNN helps patients overcome barriers to optimal care and links them to support services that are most appropriate to meet their individual needs.
In addition to the care our CNNs provided to patients in our hospital and local clinics, to provide community cancer outreach in 2019:
18 survivorship plans were developed.
6 community survivorship events were held with 106 attendees.
3 breast cancer screening events were held with 2,937 community members screened.
4 skin cancer screening events were held with 88 community members screened.
690 low dose CT scans for lung cancer were provided to patients.
Through community education and screening events, we hope to minimize cancer risk and improve outcomes through early detection. When a diagnosis does occur, our CNNs are there to reduce barriers and support patients every step of the way.