Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, 2020 Community Benefit

A Helping Hand to Heal a Wounded Leg

Alex landed his dream job working for a startup company. Unfortunately, because the small company was still in infancy, they didn’t offer medical insurance. 
Shortly after starting his job, Alex injured his leg. He thought he could care for the wound at home to avoid a medical bill he couldn’t afford but after a few days, it was clear he needed professional medical help.
Alex went to the ED at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, which resulted in an inpatient stay. Alex’s wound was severely infected and required intravenous antibiotics. Doctors informed Alex that the infection was so severe he was at risk for losing his leg.
Now Alex had two major concerns: Can they save his leg and how was he going to pay this critical care?
As his physicians focused on his leg, the hospital’s Financial Advocate helped Alex complete a financial assessment. When the Advocate called Alex to inform him that he was approved for a 100% discount on the care he already received and for the follow-up care he still needed through the Helping Hand Patient Financial Assistance program, Alex didn’t believe her.
The Advocate could hear Alex’s becoming emotional. “My doctors just told me that I would get to keep his leg and now you’re telling me that wouldn’t be responsible for the bill. This really is a miracle!”
Since his approval, Alex has called the Financial Advocate twice to ensure his follow-up care is still covered because he still can’t believe it.