Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital - Elmbrook Campus, Brookfield, 2021 Community Benefit

Mentoring Future Health Care Professionals

Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital - Elmbrook Campus
LAUNCH is a program that positions Elmbrook Schools high school juniors and seniors in corporate settings during part of their school day. The goal is to help students develop their future career path, build employable skills, inspire creativity and entrepreneurship, and create a regional hub for innovation with local community partners.
Ascension Elmbrook works with students in the Medicine and Healthcare strand. Students apply their knowledge through projects and observations, solve problems, and communicate results to Ascension Elmbrook staff.
One project the students worked on was developing a program to help determine how best to choose a primary care doctor. Another multi-semester project is focused on developing a health literacy curriculum for the school district.
“Working in a real-world setting really opens the students’ eyes,” said Nancy Shea, pharmacist, Ascension Elmbrook. “And we benefit from their fresh outlook and enthusiasm. It’s a win-win.”
Another recent project the hospital and students are working on together centers on developing a care package for families who have a family member recently diagnosed with dementia, memory loss or cognitive issues. The package will provide supportive information and helpful resources.
Another added benefit of the collaboration is that students are exposed to a wide range of health care careers. When students consider future health care careers, they often think of becoming a doctor or a nurse but by working with Ascension Elmbrook they learn about physical therapy, radiology, lab and many other areas. 
There is a growing need for health care professionals in Wisconsin and these students are now better prepared to fill it.