Aurora Lakeland Medical Center, Elkhorn, 2021 Community Benefit

Help When Your Coverage Ends

A man in his early 60s was able to retire early and had been living off his pension and social security. He had no health issues, and he purchased insurance through the marketplace. He planned to keep this coverage until he became eligible for Medicare.
Then things changed.
After the man hadn’t been feeling well for a couple of weeks, he went to the Emergency Department at Aurora Lakeland Medical Center. He was experiencing breathing issues and severe back pain. During their medical evaluation, the staff found a large mass in the man’s lungs.
The man required surgery and other medical care to treat his condition. Unfortunately, the man forgot to pay his most recent insurance premium, and his insurance provider dropped him from his coverage. The man didn’t realize this had happened until after he arrived at the hospital.
Unsure of what his payment options were, the man reached out to the hospital’s financial advocate who completed a financial assessment with him. The financial advocate was able to help the man gain approval for a 100% discount on the medical care he required through the Advocate Aurora Health Patient Financial Assistance Program.
To meet his long-term needs, the financial advocate also helped the man begin the process to apply for disability to pay for his ongoing medical needs.