Aurora Medical Center - Burlington, 2021 Community Benefit

Advancing EMS provider knowledge

Aurora Medical Center-Burlington is committed to supporting the training and development of EMS providers in Racine county. They are committed to not only ensure the best care possible for all individuals before arriving to a hospital, but also to encourage EMS providers to remain engaged in the industry.
Aurora Medical Center-Burlington facilitates EMS trainings multiple times per year in locations across their service area and often provides trainings necessary for EMS personnel to maintain their license. Their EMS medical director and other providers discuss a variety of topics such as new EMS protocols, medication administration, working with patients experiencing an altered mental status, stroke diabetic emergencies, and Narcan administration. Although outreach efforts were limited compared to years past due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 28 trainings were provided to EMS agencies with 495 participants. Additionally, 2,002 CEU’s were granted.
Our hospital’s Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner also works with local emergency response providers and community members to educate their teams on abuse response and Trauma Informed Care. In 2020, 54 community education and prevention trainings were provided in person and virtually for 968 community members, including EMS providers.
By continuing to offer professional training, health professions education, and medical oversight for Emergency Responders, especially those in rural communities, our hospital hopes to improve pre-hospital care for community members and engage local EMS providers.