Aurora Medical Center - Kenosha, 2021 Community Benefit

Help When Bills Pile Up

As parents and children age, the parent-child dynamic also grows and evolves too. Sometimes children step in when they learn parents are not able to advocate for themselves any longer.
It’s common for our financial advocates to work with patient family members at the patient’s request.
One example: A woman in her early 60s was experiencing ongoing symptoms. She received care on many different occasions for multiple reasons, and her bills were beginning to pile up.
When the woman’s daughter became aware of the situation, she called the financial advocate at Aurora Medical Center-Kenosha, one of the facilities where her mother received care. 
The advocate was able to assist the daughter and her mother in completing a financial assessment. The mother was not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare yet, but she was approved for a 100% discount on her current balance through the Advocate Aurora Health Patient Financial Assistance Program.
The patient and the daughter were both very thankful for the new beginning for Mom.