Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, Wauwatosa, 2021 Community Benefit

Educating Behavioral Health Providers

Continuing education is highly valuable for behavioral health professionals and other providers. It ensures that providers’ practice is current, aids in building connections with other behavioral health professionals, improves knowledge of the health system, and enhances self-efficacy. It also increases support for community members managing behavioral health issues.
Aurora Psychiatric Hospital team members provided education through two strategic program offerings:
Continuing Education for Behavioral Health Professionals: This evidence-based programming aims to improve the diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities in psychiatry and addiction medicine for psychotherapists, psychologists and physicians treating patients and their families. Programming is based on analysis of practitioner needs, as requested by past attendees and topics relevant to medical and allied staff. In 2020, the hospital provided six continuing education programs and four intensive workshops for 392 attendees, of whom 352 (90%) reported they will change a specific aspect of their practice based on what they learned from the lecture or workshop.
Training to primary care providers and support staff working with behavioral health patients: 57 providers and staff were trained on how to care for behavioral health patients in primary care settings. Additionally, 25 providers completed Verbal Defense and Influence (VDI) training on how to manage aggressive behavior. The goal of these trainings is to improve the patient experience for individuals managing behavioral health issues while also increasing safety for team members.
Thorough these and other programs, Aurora Psychiatric Hospital hopes to continue building capacity for behavioral health providers and encourage closer connections with primary care providers to foster a seamless experience for behavioral health patients.