Aurora West Allis Medical Center, West Allis, 2021 Community Benefit

Help When the Unexpected Happens

Most of us expect to experience changes in our health as we grow older, which often requires regular medical treatment to remain well. However, while in their early 20s, people often expect to remain healthy. 
Until the unexpected happens.
One weekend, a young woman arrived at the Aurora West Allis Medical Center for emergency care. After her medical needs were met, she was able to go home.
The Monday following her visit, the hospital’s financial advocate noticed the patient didn’t have insurance listed and reached out to the patient. The patient insisted she would pay for her medical bills out-of-pocket and wanted to set up a payment plan.
Aware of the large balance the patient had, the financial advocate suggested they complete a financial assessment to see if she had other options available to her. The patient agreed.
The patient was approved for a 100% discount on the emergency care she received and the medications she required through the Advocate Aurora Health Patient Financial Assistance Program. The financial advocate was also able to provide some education on purchasing coverage through the marketplace during open enrollment. 
The patient was thankful for the assistance and promised the financial advocate that she would review her options through the marketplace when open enrollment begins.