Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee, 2021 Community Benefit

Community Health Worker Passionate About Total Health and Wellness

The Community Health Worker program helps increase self-management in high-risk populations by addressing social determinants of health and expanding access to health resources to assist, support and navigate individuals to necessary community-based services and adequate insurance coverage. 
Shantel Hendricks, the community health worker at United Methodist Children’s Services, which is supported by Froedtert Hospital, is passionate about improving the overall health of residents in Milwaukee’s Washington Park neighborhood. Shantel believes in total health and wellness and strives to support community members by guiding them to services for employment, finances, food, clothing, health insurance and transportation. She also works to reduce unnecessary health care costs and improve access to primary care by providing residents resources for primary care services, as well as behavioral health, dental and vision services. 
Last year, Shantel coordinated several wellness workshops, a weekly walking group and a community garden. She also facilitated healthy food demonstrations to help dispel the belief that healthy eating doesn’t taste good.