Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 2021 Community Benefit

Technology and Heart: 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Care Kits for People With COVID-19

COVID care package
While frontline staff continue to care for critical COVID-19 patients with innovative treatments inside the hospital, other staff are attending to those living with COVID-19 outside of the hospital. Inception Health, the health network’s hub for digital health services and innovation aimed at improving the health of individuals and communities, has implemented two tools to try to make life better for people who have tested positive for COVID-19 but don’t require hospitalization: 24/7 remote monitoring support via the GetWell Loop application and COVID Care Kits. 
GetWell Loop 24/7 Remote Monitoring 
Currently available at no charge, the COVID-19 GetWell Loop, a HIPAA-compliant digital tool that enables seamless contact with the COVID-19 Care Team, a team of highly experienced nurses available for consultation 24/7, and provides the desired resources identified to be key in optimizing patient support and recovery. Patient responses to daily check-ins and comments in the GetWell Loop trigger “alerts” that assist the COVID-19 Care Team in identifying opportunities for additional assessment to determine if it is safe for the patient to continue to recover at home, or if an escalation of care, such as a virtual visit or in-patient visit is needed. This real-time bidirectional communication has been integral in averting many medical emergencies. 
COVID Care Kits
As a supplemental tool to go along with the support provided by the GetWell Loop digital health tool, the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin health network and Inception Health also offer COVID Care Kits to people who test positive for the virus. Born from compassion, these care packages are the result of clinical staff wanting their COVID-19 patients to know they are being thought of during recovery while providing additional tools for enhanced monitoring and education. Each COVID Care Kit contains a pulse oximeter, educational materials, hand sanitizer, face coverings and a bottle of water. Bilingual educational materials outline how to self-isolate at home and what to expect when you have COVID-19. It also provides information about the GetWell Loop tool and how to use the pulse oximeter, a tool that measures oxygen levels in the blood. Because COVID-19 can cause silent hypoxia, a condition where a person may feel fine but is severely lacking oxygen, the pulse oximeter can indicate that something is wrong, and treatment is needed.