Rogers Behavioral Health, Oconomowoc, 2021 Community Benefit

Rising Above Pandemic Challenges to Deliver Quality Mental Health, Addiction Treatment

Jerry Halverson, MD, chief medical officer, and Sue McKenzie Dicks, vice president, Healthy Culture, participated in a Facebook Live in May 2021 on the dos and don'ts when talking about mental health.
As the pandemic carried on into 2021, Rogers Behavioral Health has continued to reach our community and meet the immense need for specialized mental health and addiction care through innovative solutions.  
The organization has served more than 6,500 patients through Rogers Connect Care, a virtual care treatment option launched in April 2020. Rogers Connect Care made it easier for patients to access treatment, and many received care who otherwise may have not. 
Even though virtual treatment did not always produce the same level of clinical results as in-person treatment for all populations, it did prove to be quite effective for patients with particular disorders. Additionally, many patients shared that they felt at ease and could be more vocal when participating in their home environment.  
Rogers will continue leveraging telemedicine and may offer a permanent day treatment service delivered exclusively online for those disorders and populations where it is most effective. 
Rogers also launched Facebook Live events in response to the pandemic as a way for the public to connect with experts. Fourteen Facebook Lives have been held to date with a total of nearly 30,000 views. 
Additionally, Rogers continued educating the medical community through continuing education webinars, and maintained communication and collaboration with patients’ loved ones through virtual support groups and other events for friends and family. 
The pandemic greatly impacted people’s mental health, and, through innovative solutions, Rogers was able to meet the need while discovering new and effective ways to continue delivering specialized care.