Bellin Health, 2023 Workforce Report

Bellin Health Launches Campaign to Grow, Develop Healthcare Workforce

As workforce shortages plagued Wisconsin, Bellin Hospital implemented a careers and recruiting campaign to ensure its ability to offer the highest quality of care to the patients and communities it serves. This campaign, developed through months of research, feedback from focus groups and creative development with providers and staff from across the healthcare system, is designed to attract, develop and retain talented healthcare professionals. 

Bellin Health prides itself on being the healthcare employer of choice in Northeast Wisconsin, and this all starts with placing an emphasis on the development and well-being of employees. Leadership at Bellin feels strongly that employees are more than individuals who make up staffs and teams — they’re human. And echoed throughout this campaign is the understanding that Bellin not only values the work an employee does, but it also values the importance of their ability to live a happy, healthy life. 

“This campaign places an emphasis on what makes Bellin Health the best place to give and receive care, and that’s our employees,” said Debbie Thompson, Bellin Health Team Leader, Human Resources. “They’re at the core of the work we do for our patients and communities, and being a great place to work centers around taking care of them.” 

Photography and video of more than 50 Bellin employees are featured in the assets of this all-encompassing campaign, which helps capture and convey the true essence of working at Bellin. These advertisements are featured in digital placements via online and mobile, connected TV, streaming audio and radio services, billboards, career sites, social media and a reimagined web page. 

Leadership at Bellin Health also recognized the importance of embracing technological advancements within the healthcare industry, allowing staff and team members to avoid burnout, balance tasks and create a more enjoyable work experience while maintaining efficiency. The healthcare system has implemented a number of technologies over the past year, ranging from new procedures to platforms that help eliminate geographical, language and scheduling barriers between patients and staff. 

Bellin also provides a number of other pathways to a career in healthcare, starting with initiatives involving local high schools. Its Youth Apprenticeship Program and Career Academy are centered around early opportunity and growth while incentivizing program completion with employment guarantees and degree opportunities at Bellin College.