Aurora Lakeland Medical Center, Elkhorn, 2020 Community Benefit

Committed to Supporting our Tiniest Community Members

Aurora Lakeland Medical Center’s Community Health Nurse shared reliable health information at the Lake Geneva Children’s Expo.
In our hospital’s most recent Community Health Needs Assessment, we discovered that the rate of infants dying before their first birthday in Walworth County was 3.7 deaths per 1,000 live births. Raising awareness around infant health and safety is important for preventing illness, unintentional injury and death.
Did you know that, on average, our hospital delivers 700+ babies each year?  To help protect our tiniest community members during 2019:
100% of mothers who gave birth at our hospital were educated on car seat safety and safe sleep practices.
11 portable cribs were distributed through our partnership with the Walworth County Department of Health & Human Services for patients who delivered at our birthing center and needed a safe place for their baby to sleep when they returned home from the hospital.
10 infant CPR classes were provided to 76 community members.
4 babysitting classes were conducted for 54 attendees. Of those attendees who completed evaluations, 100% reported knowledge gained between pre- and post-surveys.
Through this work and other outreach efforts, we aim to educate community members about the importance of safe infant care and wellness practices to avoid possible negative outcomes.