Aurora Sinai Medical Center, Milwaukee, 2021 Community Benefit

Bread of Healing Clinic

One of Advocate Aurora Health’s parish nurses met a young man during a meal program at Eastbrook Church in early 2020. The man approached the Parish Nurse and informed her that he was recently released from jail, had no health care, and needed medications to control his blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
The Parish Nurse referred the man to Bread of Healing Clinic, a free clinic located in the lower level of the same church where they met.
Bread of Healing operates clinics out of three locations on Milwaukee’s North Side, including Cross Lutheran Church, Eastbrook, and Florist Clinic at Traveler's Rest Ministries. The three clinics provide medical care and behavioral health services for uninsured adults. Advocate Aurora Health has partnered with the Bread of Healing Clinic since it opened 21 years ago to serve people experiencing financial or other barriers to quality health care.
In 2020, Bread of Healing cared for 1,400 patients through 5,800 visits at their three clinic sites. Clinic providers cared for five patients every month through the Specialty Access for Uninsured Patients Program and 130 patients received dental cleanings and care from volunteer dentists. Additionally, Advocate Aurora Health donated 500 flu vaccines to the clinic to increase access for their patients.
The man was able to see a provider at Bread of Healing Clinic within a week of meeting the parish nurse. At that time, he received one week of medications. With Bread of Healing as his new health home, the man is managing his symptoms and staying well.